Ecotech Roof Coatings

Eco Tech Roof Coatings



NZ Roof Paints supply only the best quality roof paints manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.


All paint is manufactured by Paint Tech and branded as Eco Tech Premium Quality. Available in gloss, semigloss and matt finish that is ideal for all metal, concrete roofs. It is available in a comprehensive range of popular roof  colours. NZ Roof Paints recommends all the  revolutionary high build, anti-corrosive primers and preparation for maximum durability.

Eco Tech is a long lasting 100% acrylic paint designed to provide maximum durability on all types of roofs and trim.

Eco Tech can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed depending on the conditions and preference of the applicator.


Eco Tech acrylic roof paint and primers come in both 10L and 20 L containers. Eighteen contemporary roof paint colours are now available with special colours made on request.

NZ Roof Coatings are all eco-friendly and are suitable for corrugated and fibrolite roofs that collect drinking water. Note: for roofs that collect drinking water it is recommended that the water collection system is disconnected until after the first heavy rain to allow flushing of any chemical residues from the new paint film.


10 Year Guarantee

NZ Roof Paints guarantees that Eco Tech Roof Paints will not blister, flake or peel for 10 years when applied on properly prepared surfaces as per the label directions. Paint failure caused by any breakdown of coatings applied previously is not covered by this guarantee. If Eco Tech roof paints do not perform as specified above we will provide, free of charge, paint to rectify the affected areas. This guarantee is limited and excludes all labour and other charges.